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Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Nursing Bra Review

The Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Nursing Bra has repeatedly been lauded as one of the best nursing bras to wear. It has won multiple awards, including the UK Mother & Baby awards in 2012, 2015, 2017, 2018.

With all these amazing accolades, of course I had to try it! This is what I found:

In a nutshell

The Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Nursing Bra was indeed one of the most comfortable bras I’ve tried. The memory stretch material fitted my body like a glove and soothed my achy, sensitive nipples and breasts.

Who is the Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Bra for?

Cotton Candy Bra S size

By virtue of its comfort and flexibility, the Cotton Candy Bra is perfect to wear in late pregnancy and for new breastfeeding moms. It’s a great 24-hour bra you can bring with you to the hospital and is comfortable enough to sleep in.

Who is it not for?

It’s not for moms who are looking for a nursing bra to wear to work or for exercising.

Key features and benefits:

  • Super stretchy, wireless and seamless – perfect for moms in the late stages of pregnancy and new breastfeeding moms
  • Knitted side panels for maximum support without wires
  • No itchy garment tags to chafe sensitive skin
  • Racerback design
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified materials so baby and mommy is protected from harmful substances
  • Comes with matching briefs

Size range: S – XL

Band size range: 10-20 (32-42)

Cup size range: B – G

Strap style: Racerback

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Check it out on Amazon or if you want to know more, read on.

Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Nursing Bra Review: A deep dive

Who was the tester?

When I reviewed this bra, I was 9 weeks into breastfeeding my second baby and was a size 14D (normally 12C). I was still having issues with engorgement and the occasional blocked milk duct.

I bought the navy blue Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Bra in size S. The bra sizes were true-to-size.

This was the package the bra came in. It was odd but the bra was called Luxury Seamless Maternity/Nursing Bra instead of Cotton Candy Nursing Bra on the package. I initially thought I was sent the wrong product.

Luxury Seamless Nursing Bra

This was the back of the package:

back of package Luxury Seamless Bra

The main criteria I looked for when reviewing this bra were comfort, support, ease of use, sexiness (style factor) and value-for-money. This covers what most moms expect in a nursing bra.

Disclaimer: I bought the cotton candy bra with the intention of keeping it but ended up returning it as I was pretty active and needed something that protected my nipples from showing through.

An introduction to the Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Nursing Bra

I was an underwire kinda girl but in my last trimester of pregnancy and definitely in the early months of breastfeeding, I couldn’t bear any constriction, even from a forgiving flexi-wired nursing bra.

Enter the Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Nursing Bra. This insanely comfortable super stretchy, wireless and seamless nursing bra moulded to my body and felt like a second skin. I loved that it was snug and supportive but was also flexible in accommodating my fluctuating breast size throughout the day. The quality was fantastic, being made of thick knitted yarn.

The Cotton Candy bra comes in 8 soft and nurturing colors:

  • Navy blue
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Heather grey
  • Pink
  • Shell
  • Steel grey

You can even get matching briefs to make a set!

It comes in Sizes S – XL for band sizes ranging from 32-42 and cup sizes B – G, catering for women with larger breasts as well.

Who is the Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Nursing Bra best suited for?

It’s perfect to wear late in pregnancy and for new breastfeeding moms. It’s a great 24-hour bra you can bring with you to hospital and is comfortable enough to sleep in.

Was the Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Nursing Bra comfortable?

The Cotton Candy Bra deserves 5 stars for comfort. It felt like pure luxury! With everything feeling so achy and tight and full, the bra felt light as a feather, like cotton candy. The fabric was so soft on my skin and there was no chafing from irritating seams or stitches. There weren’t even garment tags as it was pad-printed!

I don’t like wearing bras to sleep but I can see myself wearing this bra comfortably in bed.

The full cup comes up quite high, and even for larger-breasted moms, there’s no worry your boobs will fall out every time you bend over to play or pick bub up.

Did the Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Nursing Bra provide good support?

The bra was snug and coupled with the racer back design, my breasts felt like it was being hugged by a supportive cloud.

racerback design

Even though it was snug, the material was also stretchy so the bra didn’t restrict movement in any way and best of all, no ‘bulge’ lines!

The straps were not super thick but they were sturdy and didn’t dig into my shoulders. The racerback design also meant the straps weren’t falling off my shoulders all the time.

I did a few star jumps and there wasn’t much boob bounce but I’m only a 12D. I don’t think they will hold bigger boobs in place very well for exercise. This is purely a lounging bra.

Moms with large breasts were also pleasantly surprised that the Cotton Candy Bra was supportive enough to wear around the house and for walking or yoga, but agreed definitely not for high-impact exercise.

However, I gave the Cotton Candy Bra 4.5 stars because while it was made without foam cups for added comfort, the lack of padding meant no protection from milk leaks and nipple show-through. I wouldn’t dare wear this bra in public. Having said that, you could easily insert a nursing pad to catch milk leaks and this will provide some cover for your nipples as well.

Was the Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Nursing Bra easy to use?

I gave the bra 5 stars in this department. The clip-down cups were very easy to maneuver with one hand. The clips were good quality and not fiddly at all. As there were no foam inserts, the cups folded and unfolded very easily with no after-fold crease.

The racer back design means it has to be pulled over your head. While this didn’t bother me, if you have issues with your shoulders or if you’re sore post-caesarean section, it might be a bit harder to put the bra on compared to a normal U-back nursing bra.

Was the Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Nursing Bra sexy?

The cotton candy bras come in beautiful colors and they are by no means frumpy. In fact they look quite modern and stylish.

There’s no lace or deep plunge neckline but when you are getting breastfeeding established, comfort and support are the only things you need from a nursing bra.

Was the Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Nursing Bra good value-for-money?

It’s not a budget bra but for a branded bra, it’s in a reasonable price range. You would probably only use this bra for the first few months when you’re mostly at home and your breasts are sensitive and sore. It’s not a bra that you would use long-term.

So is it good value-for-money? That depends. If you’re looking for the most comfortable and supportive bra for the first few months of breastfeeding, this bra is entirely worth it.

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose bra that will last you throughout breastfeeding, this bra is not for you.

What was not so good about the Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Nursing Bra?

My main tiff with the cotton candy bra was that the cup material was so thin that my nipples shined through. It was the only reason I returned the bra. I spent time outside quite a bit with my toddler and didn’t want to have to change bras every time I went out.

In terms of design, the racerback style means you can’t wear this bra under strappy camis. The lack of contour can also cause a uni-boob look if you have larger breasts.

Some moms have also complained that the material stretches after a while and loses some of its support. You can prevent this by doing cold-machine washes in a garment bag on a gentle cycle. Alternatively you can hand-wash but who has time to do that?

To wrap up

I would absolutely recommend the Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Bra to new moms. It’s hard to beat the support and comfort provided by the Cotton Candy Bra when your boobs are still achy and sore. It’s the perfect 24-hour bra to bring to hospital and for the first few months of breastfeeding.

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 Check it out on Amazon

I’ve made a lot of effort to be as accurate as possible. But if I’ve written something that doesn’t seem right, just let me know and I’ll research it and get it fixed.

And that is the end of my review 🙂 If you have any more questions about the Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Bra, please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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