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Best nursing sports bras on Amazon

This article was updated on 10th of August 2021. 

You are tired of nursing sports bras that don’t support you.

You find it hard to exercise when you have to keep adjusting your nursing pads.

I hear you.

I breastfed 2 babies over 3 years. If you’re like me, you want to be comfortable and supported when exercising but you probably don’t know where to find the best nursing sports bra. Buying and trying dozens of sports bras just to find one that fits and supports you is unnecessarily frustrating and time-consuming. Sports bras are one of the most important pieces of clothing for a new mom but too many of them are expensive and don’t fit well.

This is my list of nursing sports bras that are supportive, actually comfortable for new mom bodies and can be worn even after our nursing days are over:

Best overall: BRAVADO! DESIGNS Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra

Check it out on Amazon

What’s good about it

  • the soft, seamless fabric provides maximum comfort, especially when your breasts are engorged and you have cracked nipples
  • has a full drop away cup for breastfeeding to provide maximum skin-to-skin contact
  • has removable foam inserts to prevent your nipples from showing through. Also good for absorbing breastmilk leakage
  • the foam inserts prevents uni-boob and gives your breasts shape despite not having underwire separation
  • the 4-way stretch fabric molds to your body as it grows – great to wear from pregnancy to nursing. The stretchy fabric also accommodates fluctuating breast sizes and engorgement well
  • Can be converted to criss-cross style for tank tops
  • caters for women with large breasts – the X-large size can be worn by women with breasts up to cup size 44F
  • specifically designed for low impact activities like walking, yoga and keeping up with babies
  • holds up well to multiple washes
  • affordable
  • all these makes it ideal for new moms and everyday use

What’s not so good about it

  • the straps are quite narrow and can cut into your shoulders if you have large breasts
  • the metal connecters that allow conversion to criss-cross style can dig in
  • doesn’t offer enough support if you are very large-breasted

Best high-impact sports bra: Cake Maternity Zest Nursing Sports Bra

Check it out on Amazon

What’s good about it

  • Comes in fun colors
  • High impact flexi-wire and moulded cups minimize bounce during high-impact exercise like running and give support, lift and shape
  • Moulded cups also separate your breasts so you don’t sweat between them
  • Wide padded straps to disperse weight
  • Made of smooth spacer material to reduce friction and wick moisture away from body
  • J-hook conversion for extra support and versatility
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified material
  • Matching brief available – Zest Brief
  • Full coverage cups fit up to size 40K
  • Adjustable with 5 hook and eye options
  • Great support for moms with large breasts

What’s not so good about it

  • Band sizes run small and cup sizes run big
  • Underwire can dig in if bra fit isn’t right

Best low-impact sports bra: Kindred Bravely Sublime Nursing Sports Bra

Check it out on Amazon

What’s good about it

  • Seamless, wireless and made of ultra-soft fabric for comfort, can even be worn to bed
  • Easy pull on style
  • Designed for everyday activities and low-impact exercises like yoga
  • Clip down cups are easy to open with one hand
  • Good coverage preventing front and side boob spillage

What’s not so good about it

  • No padding so nipples can show through without breast pads
  • Sizes run small so order one size up

Best for large breasts: HOTmilk Activate Sports Nursing Bra

Check it out on Amazon

What’s good about it

  • Designed specifically for women with large breasts, supports up to H cup
  • Has a flexi-wire for extra support
  • A-frame sling for support and discretion during breastfeeding
  • Made from cotton elastane fabric that is moisture-wicking and breathable
  • Cotton-lined wide straps
  • Available in fun colors
  • Padded front straps and flexible underwire
  • 6 hook and eye extensions for ribcage expansion

What’s not so good about it

  • Good for gentle exercises but not supportive enough during running, jumping and other high-impact exercises
  • Cup sizes run small
  • Cup fabric only lightly-lined so nipples can still show through

Best budget sports bra: La Leche League Wireless Sports Nursing Bra

Check it out on Amazon

What’s good about it

  • It is wireless and has smooth seams for comfort
  • The waffle mesh fabric provides breathability
  • It has one-handed clips and drop down cups for easy breastfeeding
  • Affordable

What’s not so good about it

  • Style runs small
  • It’s not supportive enough for moms with large breasts
  • It clips high on your shoulders so you might need to pull your breasts out to nurse
  • The under-layer can form an  uncomfortable ‘boob-thong’
  • The smooth seams are not as smooth as claimed and can cause chaffing and discomfort

Best high-impact sports bra for large breasts: Enell High Impact Sports Bra

Check it out on Amazon

The Enell Sports Bra is not technically a nursing sports bra but deserve special mention for the superior support it offers for high impact activities and moms with large breasts.

What’s good about it

  • specifically designed for women with large busts
  • actually works for high impact exercise
  • has a hook-and-eye front closure which makes it relatively easy to breastfeed
  • has a wide elastic band to provide more support
  • Made from moisture-wicking LYCRA and NATUREXX fabric to prevent boob sweat and heat build-up

What’s not so good about it

  • Can cause a uni-boob look
  • Nipples can show through due to lack of padding
  • Can feel tight and uncomfortable at first but it gets more comfortable after a few wears

Buyer’s guide

What is a nursing sports bra?

A nursing sports bra has all the features of a regular sports bra but with additional features like drop-down cups and pop clips for easy breast-feeding.

Are nursing sports bras necessary?

Yes, if you are exercising or doing high-impact activities. Nursing sports bras offer more support than regular nursing bras and reduce bounce. Some moms even opt for nursing sports bras over regular nursing bras for everyday use.

Can you wear a regular nursing bra for exercising?

Yes, you can. However, make sure that your regular nursing bra provides enough support and is well-fitted. I still recommend wearing a nursing sports bra or even a regular sports bra when you are exercising.

Are nursing sports bras more comfortable than regular nursing bras?

That depends on what bras you have.  In general, no. Nursing sports bras are designed to fit snugly and hold your breasts in place during exercise whereas regular nursing bras, especially sleep nursing bras, are designed for comfort.

Is it OK to wear a nursing sports bra every day?

Yes it is OK. Many moms are  pretty active throughout the day keeping up with their kids and find nursing sports bras to be more supportive and convenient than regular nursing bras. As with any bra, make sure the sports bra is not too tight and if you find it too uncomfortable to wear all the time, only use sports bras when exercising.

Further reading: How many nursing bras do you need?

When should you start wearing nursing sports bras?

You can wear nursing sports bras anytime! But you can start wearing them from pregnancy as nursing sports bras are designed to be more stretchy and supportive than regular sports bras so they can grow with you throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Also read: When to start wearing nursing bras (and why).

Can nursing sports bras decrease milk supply?

No, nursing sports bras won’t decrease your milk supply. However, as with any bra, if the bra is too tight,  it can cause blocked milk ducts which can lead to engorgement and mastitis.

Will nursing sports bras prevent sagging breasts post-breastfeeding?

Nursing sports bras support your breasts and prevent bouncing during exercise. This will protect your breast ligaments from stretching and help prevent saggy breasts later.

Do nursing sports bras last longer than regular nursing bras?

Yes. Nursing sports bras are usually made of durable fabric that can retain their stretch through multiple washes. This is also another reason to buy a good quality nursing sports bra as it can last you through breastfeeding and beyond.

OK, I’m convinced. How do I choose a good nursing sports bra?

This depends on your needs but in general, these are the criteria to look out for:

  • adequate support for your needs, especially if you intend to do high-impact exercises
  • comfort – look for soft, moisture-wicking material
  • stretchiness – fabric with 4-way stretch will accommodate your growing body and fluctuations in your breast size
  • convenience – look for features like one-handed pop clips for easy breastfeeding and bras that are machine-washable

Further reading: How to choose the right nursing sports bra for you

How do I measure for a nursing sports bra?

Brands usually have specific advice on their size charts but in general, order your current size.

Measure a nursing sports bra the same way as you would a regular nursing bra. This video explains it in more detail:

Should nursing sports bras feel tight?

Nursing sports bras should feel snug but not be too tight. You should be able to get no more than one finger under the cup and band. Also make sure the bra is stretchy enough to accommodate fluctuations in your breast size. A bra that is too tight can cause blocked ducts and mastitis.

Should you sleep in a sports bra?

Yes, whatever rocks your boat. Just make sure it is not too tight. However, most moms prefer to sleep with a comfy sleep bra or go bra-less.

Find out how to choose the right nursing bra in this in-depth guide.

To wrap up

As a mom of two little ones, I understand that finding the best nursing sports bras for working out isn’t always easy. A good sports bra will be supportive, comfortable, and will allow you to nurse your child easily. I hope that this article on the best nursing sports bras was helpful in finding a great bra that meets those criteria.

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