About Me


Hi! I’m Sharon James. Welcome to my blog! I help pregnant and breastfeeding moms like you navigate your new life as a mom.

I have 2 toddlers – one going into the terrible twos while the other is a mini-teenager. Life became topsy turvy when they turned up. But I wouldn’t give them up for all the riches in the world.

I started breastfeeding my first child almost 4 years ago and am now done with my second. I went through all the usual breastfeeding issues like poor milk flow, engorgement, mastitis and breast pain. That’s why a lot of what I write about has to do with breastfeeding.

Some of my biggest struggles were around my self-confidence with my body and my interest in sex after the babies were born. Having a Type A personality and being a bit of a nerd, I dived into how I could overcome this. As a result, this blog and a book was born.

I dedicate The Sensual Mom to all pregnant and breastfeeding moms who are struggling to make sense of life right now. Trust me when I say it will get better. I hope my articles will help you through this confusing time.

If you would like to connect, send me an email me at Sharon.James@thesensualmom.com. I would love to hear from you 🙂

United in perfectly imperfect mommy-hood,