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Can I wear a nursing bra during labor?

The short answer to your question is: YES. Wearing a nursing bra during labor is a great idea.

I’ll tell you why.

Labor is a bitter-sweet experience for moms. Mostly bitter when you’re going through the hours of pain and pushing. The sweet comes later when you’re holding your perfect little one in your arms.

Most moms go into labor spontaneously. You will be panicking. Hubby will be pissing his pants. So it’s good to pre-plan and pack your hospital bag. You should also think about what you want to wear for labor – a nursing bra is one option.

Benefits of wearing a nursing bra during labor

  • Chances are you already have a few nursing bras in your wardrobe. Most moms end up wearing nursing bras by the end of their pregnancies. Why go to the trouble of buying something just for labor?
  • Nursing bras are one of the most comfy pieces of clothing on earth. You will be in pain and hating your husband for causing this. The last thing you need is to wear uncomfortable clothes that you want to rip off. Just wear a nursing sleep bra and cover your bottom half with a sheet.
  • When the cord is cut, your midwife will put your lovely little baby on your chest for early skin-to-skin contact. It’s amazing how they know but they’ll start rooting for your nipples to have their first breastfeed. With a sleep nursing bra, all you need to do is push aside the flap to expose your breasts. No need to fumble with pulling tops up or down.
  • If labor is long and you end up having multiple showers to refresh yourself, you probably don’t need to take off your nursing bra if it’s made of polyester. It will dry quickly.
  • If you don’t like the feeling of wet bras (who does?), you could buy a pack of sleep nursing bras for cheap and just switch it out for a new one.
  • Labor is also sweaty, bloody and ‘liquor-y’. Unlike delivery gowns or long t-shirts, nursing bras stay out of dirt’s way.

To wrap up

Wearing a nursing bra during labor is an excellent choice. It’s a nice compromise between wearing a longer top which might get in the way and being totally naked.

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