Best panty style for your bum shape

The same as you would style your hair according to your face shape, knowing your bum shape helps you choose the best type of underwear to make your bum look sexier.

Did that make you pause? I’ve never given much thought to my bum shape, always having gone for my usual bikinis and Brazilian panties (full briefs during my 3rd and 4th trimester but let’s not go there). But bum shape is really a thing!

Like fingerprints, no two bums are the same. But most bums will be one of these four common bum shapes.

If you want to up your game in the underwear department, read on.

Booty type: Round-shaped butt or affectionately called bubble butt

Bubble butt explains it all. Your entire butt cheek (top and bottom) looks balanced and round. Your bum is widest at the centre of the hips. The imaginary line between your waist and butt is very obvious. Think Jennifer Lopez’s insured butt.

Best panty styles for round butts

With a round butt, you want to give the illusion of more cheek on the sides to balance out the centre where your bum is fullest.

Look for panties that gather high on the rear and have high-cut leg openings so the eye rests higher up.

G-strings, tangas and minikinis look best on you. There’s no worry about excess fabric there.

Check out this Calvin Klein Sleek Model Thong Panty

The B.Tempt’d Tangas by Wacoal comes in 25 beautiful colours!

If you like patterns, panties with a central pattern or central back seam can give your bum contour.

The Maidenform Women’s Comfort Devotion Mesh & Lace Tanga has a central seam and high lace trim

If you want more coverage, go for Brazilian panties.

Check out the luxurious La Perla Leavers Poem Brazilian

No matter what type of underwear you decide on, make sure the material is nice and stretchy.

Avoid like the plague

If you have a round bum, avoid full coverage panties like the plague. High-cut underwear and full briefs have too much fabric. These can make your already round bum look even bulkier and cause unsightly bulges and panty lines.

Booty type: Heart-shaped butt or ‘A’ shaped bum

Your bum resembles an upside-down heart. There is more volume at the bottom of your bum than at the top and the widest part of your bum in at the bottom. In fact, sometimes your butt cheeks can ‘sit low’ on your thighs. Your waist tapers into your butt and there is less of a ‘line’ between your waist and bum.

 Best panty styles for heart-shaped butts

Look for panties that give your bum a lift and makes it look perkier. You can get away with high-waisted bikinis and hipsters.

Check out Maidenform Women’s One Fab Fit String Bikini

Calvin Klein Women’s Invisibles Hipster Panty is sleek and invisible under clothes

Brazilian-cut panties and minikinis will work wonders for you too.

Look at the beautiful lace on this Calvin Klein Lace Brazilian panty

The Verona Minikini by Cosabella gives you high coverage

Lucky gal. Thongs and tangas are also up your alley.

I love this Ciao Bella Tanga by Wacoal
If you like underwear with patterns, you can go for centre details like ruching and central seams to help bring the focus upwards and central.

Introducing the feminine Maidenform Comfort Devotion Lace Back Tanga

Also check out another Maidenform cutie. This sexy bikini has a central ruche at the back.

Avoid like the plague

If you have a heart-shaped butt, avoid underwear with too much lower coverage as it can add volume to your bottom-heavy bum. Especially avoid boy shorts and full briefs.

Also avoid small elasticated leg holes as it would cause a very unflattering lower bulge just above your hips.

Booty type: Inverted triangle butt/ ‘V’ shaped bum

Women with an inverted triangle butt basically has ‘no bum’. Your bum is top-heavy with the most fat at the top of the butt. The widest point on your butt is at the top of the hips.

Best panty style for inverted triangle butts

Your goal is to create the illusion of a rounder bottom. Think hot pants and boy shorts.

Check out Cosabella’s Hottie Lowrider Hotpants

Maidenform Cotton with Lace boy shorts come in 42 fun patterns 

You are also one of the few women who look good in full briefs. 

Halo Lace Brief Panty by Wacoal

If you like patterns and colours, go wild. Panties with added fabric like ruching and lace around the leg openings create an illusion of volume. 

The Sexy Must Haves Bikini by Maidenform has a ruched central seam

You could also go for ‘push-up panties’. Have you heard of these before? They are basically underwear that lifts or is padded. Push-up panties are not as well-known as push-up bras but deserve mention nonetheless.

This Butt Lifter Hip Enhancer Boy Shorts by Lelinta is not only padded but lifts your butt as well 

Everbellus Padded Seamless Butt Hip Enhancer Boy shorts is invisble under clothing

Avoid like the plague

If you have an inverted triangle butt, avoid high-leg openings as it will highlight your lack of butt.

Booty type: Square-shaped butt

Women with square-shaped bums have high, prominent hip bones that don’t taper towards the bottom. Your bum has equal width from top to bottom and can look flat because of lack of curves.

Best panty style for square-shaped butts

As with the inverted triangle butts, you want to create an illusion of volume and curve. The trick is to wear panties that accentuate your butt and distinguishes your bum from your waist.

Boy shorts bring the focus to your buttocks. 

These Cotton and Lace Boy Shorts by Maidenform comes in 42 fun patterns 🙂

Brazilian-cut bikini panties and tangas also work well for you. 

B.tempt’d Ciao Bella Tangas by Wacoal comes in 25 beautiful colours  

Simone Perele Brazilian-cut Tanga Thong to satisfy your inner franchophille

Scalloped edges, lace or prints can give the illusion of volume too.

Maidenform Must Haves Bikini comes in 20 cute patterns and a back central ruche

You might also like ‘push-up panties’. These babies lift your butt and some are even padded to give the illusion of a rounder, bigger bum. 

Butt Lifter Hip Enhancer Boy Short by Lelinta

Everbellus Padded Seamless Butt Hip Enhancer Boy Short

Avoid like the plague

If you have a square butt, avoid frilly leg holes. Also avoid solid colours. Patterned underwear suit you best.

To wrap up this butt-talk

There you go, the four most common bum types and the best underwear for your bum type. Just because certain types of underwear is recommended for your bum type doesn’t mean you can’t wear any other types. Fashion rules (and bum rules) are made to be broken.

Experiment with all sorts of different panties and you’ll know soon enough which ones you like the most.

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