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Can you wear thongs during pregnancy?

With extra weight and a growing baby bump, many mamas-to-be find over-the-bump maternity briefs more comfortable and supportive. But no one said maternity undies had to be frumpy.

Yes, you can wear thongs during pregnancy. In fact, many pregnant women find thongs more comfortable than other styles of underwear. Thongs don’t bunch up like briefs can, and they won’t show through tight-fitting clothes. Just be sure to choose maternity thongs that are made from cotton or another breathable fabric, and avoid any that are made from synthetic materials like polyester.

Let’s take a deep dive:

Is wearing a thong bad for you when pregnant?

There are a lot of rumors and old wives tales when it comes to pregnant women and what is and isn’t good for them. One such rumor is that wearing thongs is bad for you. While it’s true that you should avoid wearing anything too tight during pregnancy, there’s no evidence that wearing a well-fitting G-string is harmful in any way.

It is generally recommended that pregnant women avoid wearing tight underwear and opt for something more comfortable, like cotton briefs. Synthetic material may not allow your skin to breathe as well as cotton or bamboo would, and could cause irritation.

Wearing underwear that is not breathable can lead to yeast infections. However, if you wear cotton or bamboo thongs, you’ll have no more issues with groin sweat than you would with cotton briefs.

Even though Anzermix Cotton Thongs are not maternity panties, they are breathable and would fit just fine in the first trimester.

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Why do thongs hurt when I’m pregnant?

Thongs are popular with women because they are a low-cut style and they provide a smooth and sleek look. But you have to admit that thongs are not as comfy as briefs  and they can irritate the skin around your groin.

As your hips widen and your baby bump grows throughout pregnancy, thongs don’t fit as well. The elastic might sit too low, causing your thongs to slip easily. Your groin also becomes alot more sensitive when pregnant and the string might chaff and injure your skin easily. That’s why you need maternity underwear.

Are there maternity thongs?

In all awesomeness, there are maternity thongs! I never knew until I got pregnant. Thong-lovers don’t have to change your style when you’re pregnant anymore.

Maternity thongs are under the bump underwear and made of soft, stretchy, breathable fabric, ticking all the boxes for pregnancy panties.

Check out the Kindred Bravely Bamboo Maternity Thongs:

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To wrap up

Wearing thongs during pregnancy is safe. There is no evidence that suggests that wearing thongs can cause any problems during pregnancy. However, if you are uncomfortable wearing them, then you can switch to other types of underwear.

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