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Can my husband help increase my milk supply?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to increasing milk production in breastfeeding mothers, as the cause of low milk supply can vary from woman to woman. However, there are some things that may help increase a mother’s milk production. For example, increasing physical activity and eating a balanced diet can both help boost milk production.

Some women find that their husband can help increase their milk supply by providing nipple stimulation and breast massages. The increase in blood flow to the breasts as well as increase in prolactin and oxytocin levels can increase milk production and encourage milk let-down. 

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Now let’s get back into it:

Can my husband help my milk come in?

The first few days of breastfeeding are usually very hard. Your nipples and breasts are sore and your milk might be late coming in. A super comfy nursing bra and an infinitely patient husband are life savers during this time.

When lactation consultants and breastfeeding moms discuss the ability of husbands to help their wives lactate, they often focus on how a husband’s proximity and emotional support can encourage nursing.

However, there are other ways that your husband can support your breastfeeding efforts.

Your husband can hold your baby and do more for them while you pump to get your milk supply going. He can also make sure you are eating and drinking enough, and be your personal cheer-leader/motivational coach.

He can also provide direct help by giving you gentle nipple stimulation and breast massages to encourage your milk to come in. In fact, he can start sucking on your nipples a few weeks before the delivery to prime your breasts.

If your husband isn’t up to the task, the Spectra pump allows you to massage your nipples in let-down mode for as long as you need:

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Can my husband help me make more breast milk?

If you’re breastfeeding your baby and have been struggling to increase your milk supply, many women find that their husbands can help increase their milk supply by massaging their breasts and stimulating their nipples.

If you’re not sure if this is something your husband can do, talk to him about it. If he’s willing and able to help, it may be the most fun way to increase your milk supply.

Ask your husband to give you a hand (or should we say “lips”?). He can gently suck on your nipples for about five minutes before each feeding. This will help stimulate milk production and increase your supply over time.

These lactation massage pads would do the trick too:

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How can your husband help you produce more breast milk?

Your husband is more than likely already aching to touch your breasts which otherwise would be off limits to him while breastfeeding. Take this chance to involve your husband is the breastfeeding process and improve your intimacy by asking him for breast massages and nipple stimulation.

Just make sure to let him know that your breasts are sore and your nipples chafed and tender. He needs to be extremely gentle and use a feather-soft touch when he is touching your breasts and nipples.

If your husband is too rough and he causes you pain, it will increase your cortisol levels and have the opposite effect of decreasing your breast milk supply.

The best time for him to help is 5 to 10 minutes before your baby is due to feed or before a pumping session. This way, your breasts are primed before the session.

Use a baby-safe nipple and breast balm like the Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter as a massage oil. You don’t have to wash it off before breastfeeding.

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Does sex increase breast milk supply?

Sex in itself doesn’t directly increase your breast milk supply. However, if sex involves nipple stimulation and breast massages, it will help increase the blood flow to your breasts and kick up milk production that way.

Nipple stimulation and the big O will also trigger your let down reflex so don’t be surprised if you leak milk during sex.

To wrap up

While there is no guarantee that your husband can help your milk come in, it is worth a try. Many couples report success using this method. If you are uncomfortable with the idea or it doesn’t work, there are other ways to increase your milk supply.

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