July 2020 Challenge: To be well-groomed every day, even when I’m at home

Last month I challenged myself toreframe my thoughts. That was a very difficult challenge as it involved changing my mindset.

This month, I am going to focus on a ‘superficial’ habit that I think is also very important on our journey to reconnecting with our sensuality; being well-groomed.

Keeping ourselves well-groomed and looking good is important to our sense of well-being. When we’re happy with how we look, our self-confidence improves and even our motivation and zest for life can be reignited.  

Will you join me in this month’s challenge?

What is the challenge for the month of July?

To be well-groomed every day, even when I am at home.

Why did I choose this challenge?

Being well-groomed can give us a boost of confidence and help us be more sensual. I always make sure I look presentable when I’m at work or on the weekends when we go out.  

But when I’m at home it’s a whole other story. I have my hair tied up, fringe pinned, wear clothes I would NEVER be seen outside with, and definitely have no makeup on.

Needless to say, I don’t feel my best when I’m in this get-up and it can affect my self-esteem even though no one except my 20-month-old daughter sees me like this.

When I’m not feeling my best, it also affects my decisions on how I spend my day and how I take care of myself.

I wanted to challenge myself to be well-groomed for a month to see if that will change how I feel about myself, positively affect the decisions I make, and see if it will increase my feeling of sexiness.   

What is the plan?

I plan to wear basic makeup every day; mainly do my brows up (because I love how they look when they are made up), and have a tinge of lipstick on for colour. I will make sure my hair is brushed and no tie-ups or pins except in a stylish hair-do.   

I also vow not to wear clothes that I don’t want to be seen by anyone else in. Goodness knows, I have enough clothes in my closet to spare some for home use.  

How long will this daily challenge take?

Putting on basic makeup won’t take long – 2 minutes tops in the morning, with a few lipstick reapplications throughout the day.

Hair brushing and choosing a basic outfit would probably take a few more minutes, so I estimate 5 minutes all up.

How will this sensual habit benefit me and other moms?

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel good about yourself, even when you’re just at home? Every little bit of confidence counts when you’re feeling tired and washed out.

I am sure that this challenge will help our self-esteem and also have a flow-on effect of giving us an energy-boost for the day.   

What can you do differently in your challenge?

You know best how your physical appearance affects you and what works for you. If you feel you need basic makeup to feel better (like me), then adding a little colour to your face will be enough to give you a boost.

However, if you feel that you need a full face of makeup to feel groomed or if you don’t need any makeup at all, just a well-moisturized face and brushed hair, go for that.

Further reading: Building your own basic makeup kit (with special tips)

The key is to feel better about your physical appearance on a daily basis.

Regardless of how you want to do it, make a challenge plan and be ready to start with me on the 1st of July!

I will write a mid-way update in 2 weeks but will be updating regularly on the Sensual Mom Tribe facebook group as well, together with others who are joining me.

If you are not a member yet, subscribe to my newsletter to receive a personal invitation link. See you there!

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