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The best FREE mother’s day gifts for yourself

2020 didn’t start off very well with the COVID-19 pandemic and almost half a year has gone by now. As mothers, we bear the brunt of shouldering not just the additional work but also the increased anxiety for our families. But on mother’s day, it’s time to give yourself a break with these free mother’s day gift ideas.

This year has been full of challenges so far and it looks like we are in it for the long haul with the rest of 2020 looking not quite as bright as we would like it to be. Mother’s Day would be subdued this year with social distancing and restrictions on movement. In fact, most mothers might not even remember mother’s day would be here soon and don’t intend to celebrate. After all, what is there to celebrate about? It feels like we just don’t have anything to look forward to and nothing is going our way.

But there is always reason to celebrate. Many of us are luckier than most. Times might be hard but we still have our families and friends and most importantly, we still have ourselves.

Give yourself permission this Mother’s Day to celebrate that you are doing your best as a mom. You might not be perfect (none of us are). Heck! You might not even think you’re doing a good job. Most of us feel that way at some time or other. But just by waking up and trying every day, we are already doing what counts the most.

So for mother’s day, give yourself a good mother’s day gift. And because it might be a hard financial year for some, I thought I would list the best free mother’s day gifts for yourself. After all, the best things in life are free 🙂 So here are some mother’s day present ideas.

1. The gift of permission to relax and enjoy the day

Eve Rodsky,  author of Fair Play (this is an affiliate link), recently conducted an informal survey of 100 women asking them how COVID-19 has impacted their workload at home and it’s no surprise that almost all of them said the additional work of this new reality was disproportionately falling on their shoulders. In fact, she offers some tips on how to split household labour fairly while in quarantine.

We might feel we need to be on alert and be prepared for battle at all times, but everyone needs a break. For busy moms, mother’s day is the perfect day to say to your partner ‘please take care of the kids today, thank you’. Then, you need to actually go through with your plans and relax for the day – not think about and do the 1001 things on your waitlist. Remember, no washing dishes, no picking up toys. No vacuuming. They can all wait for tomorrow. Even on a ‘normal day’ you can look for opportunities to get some ‘me time’ throughout the day.

2. The gift of a home spa experience

Create your own spa experience at home, 100% tailored to your wants, that will leave you feeling positively pampered. First, set the scene by turning off your phone and turning down the lights. Diffuse your essential oil of choice. If you have any questions about essential oils, read the most common questions moms have about essential oils.

Now that you are all set up, there are so many home spa treatments you can give yourself. You can run a warm scented bath, have a home manicure and pedicure, give yourself a hot-oil hair treatment or a DIY facial. If you want more ideas, read 10 at-home spa treatments.

You could also give yourself a self-massage. Self-massage rejuvenates your body and mind and also detoxifies your skin.

gift of gratitude

3. The gift of gratitude and happiness

With all the looming anxiety, it is not easy to look through the clouds to see the silver lining. But extensive research has demonstrated that being thankful improves our physical, mental and emotional health and helps us have better relationships. Want more evidence? Read 14 health benefits of practicing gratitude according to science.

Make a list of what you have to be thankful for today and what brought you happiness and joy. There is plenty to be grateful for if you just look for it. For instance, isolating at home might be stressful but it can also be seen as a valuable opportunity to bond with your children and family. Also, take this chance to express your appreciation and say thank you to those around you who have positively impacted your life.

4. The gift of fresh air and sunlight

Pick your favourite trail and go for a walk alone or with your family. Whatever the weather, walking in nature is not only good for your fitness, but it has mental and emotional benefits. It will help us find meaning and reconnect with ourselves. In fact, taking a walk in nature could be the best thing you do for your mood all day. Here are more reasons to take that walk.

5. The gift of calm

Remember that it is OK to be sad and scared sometimes. Remind yourself that even though we might not be in the same boat, we are all in the same storm. Your feelings are completely normal and this won’t last forever. There will be better days and better years. The bad things that we worry about have not and might never come to pass. So try to focus on the present and not worry about the future. This is obviously much easier said than done.

I am a big fan of meditation and the short stints I’ve had with mediation had made miraculous changes in my perspective and anxiety levels. I have yet to incorporate meditation into my daily life for the long run but it is on the list for a ‘Challenge of the month’. Read this awesome article on the six steps to living in the moment to start your journey to a life of calm.

6. The gift of volunteering

If you think this is a gift for someone else and not yourself, think again. The benefits of being a volunteer far outweigh what you give. However, if before COVID-19, volunteering might be at the local homeless shelter or food drive, volunteering this year would probably look a little different and far likely to be online. Regardless, there is no shortage of opportunities wherever you are in the world. Look for a Facebook volunteer group or ask your local church or volunteer service. You could even look around you to see how you can help your neighbours and friends – does an elderly neighbour need a shopping trip done? Is your friend in need of a listening ear?

7. The gift of sleep

Every mom doesn’t get enough sleep on a regular basis. An extra couple of hours of shut eye make all the difference to your outlook throughout the rest of the day. In fact, if you manage to squeeze in an extra hour or two a night on a regular basis, it would significantly change your life as shown by this experiment by Dr Michael Mosley. So don’t set the alarm clock the night before mother’s day and enjoy the extra sleep.


8. The gift of forgiveness

I find that I am a lot more judgmental of myself after I became a mom. As I juggle responsibilities and let some things slide, I have reminders everywhere that I am failing in some area. In other words, I am not as perfect as I would like to believe. But I remind myself that I can’t do it all. No one can and we really should stop trying to. We need to accept and recognize our limits. Most importantly, we need to forgive ourselves when we feel that we have ‘failed’ ourselves or our family in some way. Lose the guilt and make a ‘fresh start’.

9. The gift of flowers from your garden

Having flowers in your home can increase feelings of wellbeing and have other health benefits but especially on mother’s day, flower bouquets can be excessively expensive. What better way to save some money than to have fresh-cut flowers from your own garden? If you haven’t thought about this before and don’t have flowers growing in your garden, look around at your neighbours’ gardens and ask if they can spare a few sprigs.

10. The gift of a new project

With being stuck at home and having your mind wander into worry territory, why not tackle a new project you’ve been thinking of starting or challenge yourself to finally finish something you have been putting off? Distraction helps keep you grounded when the situation feels overwhelming. You could organize your closet, take an online class to upskill, finally make that family photo book, write a blog or even start on a journey to live a more sensual life! 🙂 This article lists a whopping 80 fun things you can do while being stuck at home! You are bound to be inspired by some of them.

11. Finally, the gift of free subscriptions to inspirational blogs and podcasts

Before the internet, magazine and newspaper subscriptions cost a small fortune. But now there is something for everyone on the web and all these amazing articles and podcasts don’t cost a cent! There are so many amazing blogs out there; I’ve only listed a few of my favourites. For the mom on a budget, you can subscribe to The Budget Mom, for the minimalistic mom, Allie Casazza was a recent find.

So there you go, 11 free mother’s day gift ideas. These gifts are not only more precious than what money can buy, it is also important in making sure you take care of yourself. Enough self-care ultimately leads to you feeling better about yourself and being more sensual. I also want to take this chance to wish all mothers a happy mother’s day and remind you (and me) that successful mothers are not the ones who have never struggled, they are the ones who never give up despite the struggles.













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