Nursing bra vs regular bra: A quick and easy comparison

With all the money you’re forking out for the pregnancy and preparing for your baby, why would you spend more on buying new bras when you have so many already?

Because it’s a necessity, not a luxury. Good nursing bras that are comfy, supportive and make nursing easier will make your breastfeeding journey much more enjoyable.

So what’s the big difference between nursing bras and regular bras?

This table sums it up:

Features Nursing Bra Regular bra
Design Specially designed to be more comfy and supportive for heavier, sensitive breasts Designed to look good, not feel good
Nursing features Easy drop-down cups or pull-aside flaps No drop-down cups or flaps
Top cup The upper half of the bra cups are stretchy to avoid cutting into fuller breasts Cups have no stretch
Wires Usually wireless for comfort and to prevent clogged ducts and mastitis Usually has underwires
Flexi-wire Flexi-wired nursing bras have a larger moon shape and is more flexible Underwire has a narrower moon shape and is rigid
Sling Have side slings or A-frame slings to support your breasts when nursing No extra slings
Lining Often have extra cotton lining for comfort Usually not lined
Fabric layers double layered or reinforced fabric usually single layer
Fabric Made of soft, stretchy fabric for comfort Usually made of inferior, non-stretchy fabric that can be irritating to sensitive breasts
Straps Wide straps to disperse weight better Normal narrow straps
Band extenders Most come with extra hook and eye options or bra extenders Generally only have 3 hook and eye options
Frame Has a wider bra frame to accommodate your expanding breasts and ribcage Narrower bra frame
Under-bust band Wide under-bust band for added support Usually thin under-bust band
Pumping features Some nursing bras have flaps or holes that allow easy breastmilk pumping No pumping options at all

Motherhood maternity clip down cups

Clip-down cups

A-frame sling

french-inspired lace

Lined cups

To wrap up

Nursing bras are the Rolls-Royce of bras. They are specially designed to be more comfortable and supportive for heavier, sensitive pregnancy and nursing breasts. I don’t think of them as extra expenses but rather, as an investment. When you’re exhausted, aching all over and feeling frumpy, a good nursing bra that fits you just right can lift your spirits. 

Now, go read my guide on how to choose the right nursing bra for you

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