May challenge mid-way update

I have to admit that it has been tough. This was my first challenge as well, so that makes it harder. It wasn’t so much the physical act of moisturising, that was the easy part. It was the mental and emotional focus needed to make it a sensual experience.

For those of you who don’t know what challenge I am talking about, read about the May 2020 Challenge.  

Day 1

I almost forgot the challenge had started. Admittedly before May 1, I was skipping my moisturizing sessions with the excuse that I’ll be doing it regularly from May onwards 😀 Slapped on moisturizer at the last minute. Nothing sensual about that.

Day 2

Mindfully slathered moisturizer on. Instead of thinking of the luxuriousness of it all, thought about how cold the moisturizer was instead. Didn’t help that there was a cold front here in sunny Brissie. 

Day 3

Forgot all about it as decided to skip my evening shower *horrors* Personal hygiene seems to be getting worse. Decided I will moisturise after my morning shower instead. 

Day 4

Totally remembered that I had to moisturise but it was going to be a busy day so was mindfully sensual for 10 seconds (that’s not possible. I just slapped it on).

Day 5 – 6

I actually did it! I gave myself a sensual, moisturising massage. It really did feel good. 

Day 7

Very. late. for. work. Enough said. 

Day 8

Exhausted from getting home late last night to a messy home and uncooked dinner. Skipped moisturizing on purpose. Possibly (definitely) because I felt angry and grumpy instead of sensual.

Day 9

We had family visiting for the weekend so even though I moisturized, I was distracted thinking of all I had to do as the ‘perfect’ hostess.

Day 10 – 14

I was pretty consistent and had some good sessions. It only took me about 30 seconds or so each day, and concentrating on the sensations isn’t really that hard when I consciously decide to focus prior.

Tweaks to challenge so far

Switching from evening moisturizing to morning sessions – I found that I definitely had a morning shower but evening showers are touch-and-go now that the weather is cooling down. Also I generally had more motivation and energy in the mornings.

Lessons learnt so far

It’s hard to build a habit, especially that first week. But when I persisted, it became easier and required less conscious thought. A very big motivating factor was that I had all of you to be accountable to, that really helped. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had to report on my progress, I probably would have slacked off. 

Benefits so far

My skin is softer from the consistency of daily moisturizing and massaging the moisturiser in helps my aching muscles. 

Where to from here?

Continue cementing the habit of sensual moisturizing. Will try to increase my time from 30 seconds to 1-2 minutes. 

Stay tuned for my end-of-challenge round up in 2 weeks! You can subscribe to be updated when I wrap it up at the end of the month or follow me on Facebook or Pinterest. 

Did any one else start this challenge with me? Let us know how you went in the comments below 🙂



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