Sensual moisturizing massage

May 2020 Challenge: To give myself a daily sensual moisturizing massage

Some people say it takes about 30 days for a habit to stick. Watch this fun  TED talk by Matt Cutts  as he shares his experience with forming new habits in 30 days. 

So every month I am going to set myself a challenge to incorporate a sensual habit into my life for the whole month. The hope is that by the end of the month, I would have formed a luxurious habit that I’ll be able to carry forward and help me stay rooted in a sensual life.

sensual moisturizing massage

What is the challenge for the month of May?

To give myself a sensual moisturizing massage after my evening shower. 

Why did I choose this challenge?

Self-massage or ‘abhyanga’ is an Aryuvedic technique that is an act of love, a way to respect your mind, body and spirit. Self-massaging rejuvenates your body and mind and also detoxifies your body’s largest organ – your skin. According to Ayurveda, your life force flows through channels and self-massage stimulates these energetic channels, promoting easy flow of your life force through your mind and body.

Also, because I usually tend to slap moisturizer on in 10 seconds flat while thinking about what else I have to do. It is totally not a sensual activity for me but more of a chore. Sometimes I skip moisturizing and end up with scaly shins, especially in winter.

What is the plan?

I have prepared my new bottle of moisturizer. I decided on the Nivea Body Nourishing Lotion this time. I’ve never used it before but it was on half price in Coles and with COVID-19, I didn’t want to be prancing around looking for ‘the perfect moisturiser’. Also, its promise of 48 hours of intense moisturizing care was tempting.

I vow that for the month of May, after every evening shower, no matter how busy or tired, I will massage moisturizer into my body. I will focus on my neck and shoulders because that is where I hold all my tension. I will also try my best to be present in the moment and concentrate on the sensations. 

How long will this habit take?

I estimate 1-2 minutes at the most. Entirely do-able. But 1-2 minutes of focusing on my own enjoyment will bring hours of benefits after 🙂

How will this sensual habit benefit me and other moms?

Moms have a tendency to neglect and deprive ourselves – physically, mentally and emotionally. It also becomes too easy to avoid acknowledging our bodies when we are not happy with it. When we give ourselves permission to touch these areas which we are avoiding, we will grow familiar with them again and stop thinking of them as ‘trouble spots’ or attachments, but as part of our magnificent body. I love this  article by Anna Solomon  talking about her struggles with accepting her body and how touching herself changed how she felt.

Plus we will have soft, smooth, well hydrated skin which always helps us feel sexier.  

What can you do differently in your challenge?

Modify this challenge to suit you – would you rather moisturise after your morning shower? Do you prefer to use oil or lotion as a moisturizer? Read this body oil vs lotion debate . Which areas would you rather focus on? Your tummy? Stretch marks? Buttocks?

Or would you rather give yourself a sensual massage at some other time during the day? You can read about the top 10 opportunities for moms to find some ‘me time’ for ideas. 

Make a challenge plan and be ready to start with me on the 1st of May!

I will be update everyone in 2 weeks with my progress and tweaks needed followed by a roundup post at the end of the challenge.

If you are joining me in this month’s challenge, I invite you to send me an e-mail at or comment below. Feel free to update all of us on your progress throughout the month as well 🙂 You are all my accountability buddies. Make us yours as well.

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