June challenge mid-way update

These last 2 weeks I have probably failed more than I have succeeded in reframing my thoughts. For those of you who want to read about this month’s challenge, go to June 2020 Challenge: Reframing my unhelpful thoughts. I also go through the steps to reframing your life story in this article.  

Our neighbour decided to make a complaint to the town council about our patio and unfortunately the previous owners didn’t obtain the required certification. Now we have to tear the whole thing down and erect a new patio. This would cost us a lot of money and time. It was very hard to reframe my anger and frustration about this and I struggled for days. 

I also haven’t been sleeping well and have been tired. Whenever I’m tired, I find it harder to be self-aware about my ‘unhelpful’ thoughts which often consist of worries and doubt. This often leads to a spiral of unhelpful thoughts and emotions.

Tweaks to challenge so far

I’ve had to ‘reset’ regularly and remind myself not to be reactive in both my thoughts and words. 

Lessons learnt so far

 Reframing unhelpful thoughts is very hard to do (duh). My thought habits were formed over the last 38 years! And I never expected it would be easy. However, what is important is that I’m flexing my ‘reframing muscle’ and even in the last 2 weeks, it got easier to be aware of my thoughts and to try to look at a situation from a different perspective. 

Benefits so far

The times when I have managed to stop and rethink my situation or thoughts, I have reaped the benefits of a clearer perspective and more peace of mind. 

Where to from here?

I will continue cementing the habit of reframing. I doubt that I would be anywhere near perfect for years but if I keep at it, as with anything, it will get easier with practice.  

Stay tuned for my end-of-challenge round up in 2 weeks! You can subscribe to be updated when I wrap it up at the end of the month or follow me on Facebook or Pinterest. 

Did anyone else start this challenge with me? Let us know how you went in the comments below 🙂    


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