May 2020 Challenge Round-up: Sensual Moisturizing Self-massage

It has been an interesting first challenge. I have to admit that in the beginning, it was pretty hard for me to remember that I had set myself this challenge to give myself a post-shower moisturizing massage. Read about the initial challenge here. I also had to make a few tweaks like switching it to a post-morning shower instead of after my evening shower. Read more about my May Challenge mid-way update here. But by about half-way through the month, it had become a lot more of a routine and I haven’t forgotten even once in the second half of the challenge.

What did I learn from this challenge?

Trying to put myself into a sensual mood is challenging! The physical act of performing a self-massage on myself couldn’t put me in a sensual mood if my mind was not in the ‘neighbourhood’ to begin with. Half the time, I was feeling a bit stressed and really was only doing it because I felt accountable (thanks girls!).

This made me realize that if we want to live a sensual life, before we even take any physical action and change our external environment, we need to work on our internal environment first.

What benefits did I get from this challenge?

My skin is definitely more soft and moisturized from making my post-shower moisturizing a ‘must-do’. Making the effort to focus on the session also helped me with getting my mind back into the moment.

As a result, I felt more relaxed after that, and have even found myself doing yoga stretches while hanging out with my daughter on the floor while she plays.

Also, * confession alert * one of the days, when I was already feeling frisky, performing the sensual moisturizing self-massage on myself led to some pretty good stuff *wink*

Will I continue with this new habit?

Yes. But it’s probably going to be more of a routine moisturizing massage as part of keeping my skin moist and smooth rather than a daily sensual event. 


Does anyone else want to share how they went with this month’s challenge? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Next month’s challenge is reframing. Interested? It starts on the 1st of June.    

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