The 8 best long-sleeve nursing tops for winter

Breastfeeding is really difficult in winter. Especially if you don’t have the right nursing top. Imagine having to remove layers of clothes in sub-zero temperatures and lifting your top up to feed. Add a hungry baby to the mix and you might as well give up.

This is where snuggly-warm winter nursing tops come in. These tops can be worn by itself or layered underneath. Most importantly, they allow you to breastfeed easily.

These are the best long-sleeve nursing tops for winter:

Best top overall: Smallshow Fleece Breastfeeding Sweatshirt

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What I love about the Smallshow Fleece Sweatshirt

  • Cozy and warm with high quality fur-lining
  • Concealed side zips for easier nursing
  • Easy-to-use zippers – it’s a nice change from fiddly clasps
  • It’s roomy and non-clingy, easily hiding your postpartum belly
  • Flattering and stylish when paired with mummy jeans and leggings
  • Great winter sweatshirt for lounging and outdoors
  • Can easily be layered with other jackets and scarves for outdoors
  • 9 cool colors to choose from
  • Fits sizes S to XXL
  • Great value-for-money

What I don’t like about it

  • Sizes run small so you might need to order a size up
  • You might need two hands to open the zipper

Best budget top: Bearsland Nursing Top

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What I love about the Bearsland Nursing Top

  • Comes in a value-for-money 3-pack
  • Double front layers – just lift the top layer for convenient nursing
  • You can even pump underneath the double layers for ultimate privacy
  • Cozy material with long sleeves are perfect for winter
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • easily layered with a jacket for work
  • Long and free-flowing cut – hides your post-partum tummy and covers your bum as well
  • No fiddly zips or clips, making it quick and easy to breastfeed
  • Flattering ‘O’ open neckline
  • Comes in classic colors and can be easily dressed up or down
  • Available in sizes S to XXL

What I don’t like about it

  • If you have long arms, the sleeves might be too short
  • Doesn’t come in brighter colors
  • Material is a bit thin and wouldn’t be warm enough to wear by itself for winter

Best everyday top: Motherhood Maternity Tulip Hem Nursing Tee Shirt

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What I love about the  Motherhood Tulip Hem Shirt

  • A-line double layer front design that easily opens for breastfeeding
  • Narrower than most pregnancy shirts and a slimming seam down the back to give you a flattering shape during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Especially comfortable for moms who had C-sections as the bottom half is loose
  • Perfect style to wear to work, for tea or just at home
  • Comes in beautiful colors that are easy to layer
  • Can be bought as a 2-pack or singly
  • Available in sizes S –XL

What I don’t like about it

  • the triple-layers are great in cold weather but can get warm if you’re in a heated environment.

Best hoodie: Bearsland Breastfeeding Hoodie

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What I love about the Bearsland Breastfeeding Hoodie

  • Has a hoodie and warm pockets, making it perfect winter wear
  • Zips on the side for convenient breastfeeding
  • Long, covering down to mid-thigh
  • Made of soft, thick, and warm fleece-lined material
  • Covers postpartum tummies easily
  • Sleeves are long and even fit moms with longer arms
  • Comfortable to wear indoors and outdoors
  • Available in a wide range of solid colors and prints
  • Available sizes from S to XXL
  • Can be worn as a normal hoodie even when done with breastfeeding
  • over >1500 5-star reviews on Amazon!!

What I don’t like about it

  • Colors may bleed so please wash them separately

Best sleep top: Ekouaer Nursing Thermal Pajamas

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What I love about the Ekouaer Thermal Pajamas

  • Warm and soft material that is perfect for winter
  • Keeps you warm while you sleep and nurse
  • Has a waistband extender that you can adjust through pregnancy and post-partum
  • Has side slits for easy nursing
  • Available in 11 cute colors and prints
  • Fits sizes S to XXL
  • Machine-washable

What I don’t like about it

  • Thin material – it probably wouldn’t be warm enough for really cold nights

Best cardigan: Free To Live Criss Cross Pullover Nursing Top

Check it out on Amazon

What I love about the Free To Live Pullover Top

  • Comfy soft fabric
  • Light wrap-cardi style top with long sleeves – perfect for chilly weather
  • The criss-cross draping design affords you privacy for breastfeeding in public
  • The top layers perfectly with nursing camis or nursing tanks
  • You can wear it through pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond
  • Long hem that covers down to mid-thigh
  • Great value-for-money – comes in a 3-pack
  • Fits sizes S-XXL

What I don’t like about it

  • Thin material – meant to be worn as a layer, not by itself.
  • Has to be ironed after a wash – who has time for that?

Best petite top: GINKANA Nursing Hoodie

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What I love about the GINKANA Nursing Hoodie

  • Soft cotton material that is stretchy and breathable
  • Great design for pregnant and nursing moms with an opening flap for easier nursing
  • Long sleeves to keep you warm during the chilly weather
  • Long enough to cover your waistline whether pregnant or postpartum
  • There are 2 designs to choose from for nursing openings (cut-out holes and v-cut)
  • Available in over 20 colors, including stripes and floral prints
  • Great value-for-money
  • Fits sizes S-XXL

What I don’t like about it

  • The material is thin – you’ll probably need to layer a nursing tank underneath
  • The cut-out holes for nursing might be a little small for fuller breasts
  • Not really a sweatshirt, more of a long-sleeve shirt with a hood

Best plus-size top: Quinee Plaid Nursing Hoodie

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What I love about the Quinee Plaid Hoodie

  • Long-sleeved plaid top hoodie – perfect for layering during chilly weather
  • Double-layer front that lifts up for easier nursing
  • Soft, comfortable, and long enough to lounge around the house and to wear outdoors as well
  • Wide-bottom fit for pregnancy and to hide a post-partum belly
  • Flattering V-neck collar with buttons and an adjustable draw cord
  • Available in sizes Small- XXL
  • 10 colors to choose from
  • Great value-for-money

What I don’t like about it

  • Material is a bit thin

To wrap up

The Smallshow Fleece Breastfeeding Sweatshirt and the Bearsland Breastfeeding Hoodie are the best nursing sweatshirts for the winter season. They are cozy and warm with soft fleece material. They are also great for layering with nursing camis and nursing tanks.

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